Small heart with art – a unique charity project.

“Small Heart with Art” is a unique charity art-project and a non-governmental organization of the same name.

Our goal is supporting HIV-positive children and children with AIDS. Our main instrument in helping ill children is art.

Among other projects, carried out by the community organization “Small Heart with Art”:

“ArtExchange” is a charity program that involves exchange of Ukrainian artists’ works for vital help to HIV-positive children and children with AIDS.

“Okhmatdyt” is a program aimed at supporting little patients of the clinic where HIV-positive children and children with AIDS receive medical treatment (actually they live there) at National Children's Hospital "Okhmatdyt".

Our first step in the "Okhmatdyt" project is the repairs and heat insulation of the hospital's building where HIV-positive children stay. Our second step is creating painting on the clinic’s walls with the help of well-known Ukrainian artists. The painting will be made by conceptual Ukrainian artists: Zhanna Kadyrova, Roman Minin, Alevtina Kakhidze, Tanya Voitovych, the GAZ group – Oleksii Zolotariov and Vasiliy Grublyak.

Currently we are actively raising funds for materials that will let to do repairs and create painting. If you are willing to support ill children, please press the red heart "Donate now" icon.

Community organization "Small Heart with Art" is maintained by Pymonenko Family Art Projects – a platform for art-initiatives that shares principles of humanism, transparency, openness, consciousness, peacefulness of art.

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