Peace, friendship, Red Cross – How lucky we were with our volunteers


All great things start with the cool people: for two years in a row, volunteers from the Red Cross have been helping us in the Superheroes School. Everything is very formal and based not only on the principles of friendship however we even signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with this incredible organization that commits good deeds all over the world.

Every Tuesday a team of volunteers visites babes in “OHMATDYT” and arranges a holiday of creativity. These are workshops on drawing, and dance lessons, and lessons on quilling and modeling. Every time there are new themes and activities from the Red Cross. Our little superheroes are waiting for these meetings with wild impatience, because these Tuesdays turn into a holiday of creativity, fantasy and development of imagination. We still can not believe, but volunteers never missed their visit. You can only frankly envy this responsibility and energy! They have enough energy for classes with children, for the support of our projects along with helping in the Garden!

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We help orphans and those who have no parents, street and abandoned kids. And of course, we do not pass away from children who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Everything that is within our superpowers, we are ready to do and help, if there are resources and opportunities. We usually resolve the issue with:

search and purchase of medicines surgical operations and medical examination burial, if, unfortunately, this happens.
Therefore, if you have urgent medical needs, you need to undergo surgery, undergo examination or treatment, we can help you. There are only a couple of conditions that we adhere to:

No direct financial assistance – we buy medicines, pay for examinations, procedures and do not give out money.
You must have documents confirming your need: medical reports, requests from doctors and the like.
Accordingly, we guarantee you confidentiality and assistance, to our best.

Documents that will be required of you:

Email us or call 044 228 6089

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