On May 25th 2015 in support of the ”Small Heart with Art” project of the non-governmental organization “Small Heart with Art” we launched LoveChallenge – a viral promo-campaign in social media. LoveChallenge is a public way to say “I love you” to children, friends and family.

The campaign is aimed at raising funds for repairs and painting on the walls of the Center for Infectious Diseases “Clinic for treatment of children with HIV/AIDS” at the National Children’s Hospital “Okhmatdyt” (building 15), where HIV-positive children and children with AIDS receive medical treatment.

Among people who participated in LoveChallenge are Ukrainian celebrities and opinion-makers, i.e. Jamala, ONUKA, The Maneken and other stars.

Non-governmental organization “Small Heart with Art” calls on to continue this charity initiative in social media. Declare your love, share it with people closest to you, and find a place in your heart for ill children of the “Okhmatdyt” hospital’s specialized clinic. You may support our project financially at our website: all you have to do is click here.

According to LoveChallenge rules, those who have already declared their love nominate three other people – and they do the same. You may shoot the video with your phone and post it on your Facebook page. Join us! Obligatory hashtags: #smallheartwithart, #lovechallenge, #Охматдит, #kidswithaids.

“Small Heart with Art” is realized under patronage of “Pymonenko Family Art Projects” – platform for art initiatives that supports and promotes openness, transparency, conscientiousness and peaceableness principles of art.