We are willing to help small patients of the Centre to explore the world. We wish to spread joy to them, since joy is the key to successful and quick treatment.

To do so, the Small Heart with Art team has launched a specialized educational program for the Centre’s patients.

The main principle of the program is to rouse children’s interest instead of forcing them. That is the reason why all our lessons are made interactive, include game activities, audio and video study materials, and also cover only one subject at a time.

We handpicked several professional teachers that adore children. So all our lessons are totally different – and the kids are excited to study from the moment they wake up. Our lessons deal with the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Ukrainian Literature, Ukrainian Language, Basic Health Education, World History and Conversational English.

Since government doesn’t provide education to kids that undergo treatment at hospitals for the most of their lives, our program is aimed not only at broadening the children’s minds, but also, most importantly, at letting them openly communicate with the world outside the hospital, helping them with overcoming social barriers and isolation, inspiring to fight for their lives.

With this educational program we wish to instill faith in life among children, give them a reason to struggle. So our team chooses the teachers very carefully, as we want them to bring the children joy and happiness and cover them with comfort – because that’s what the little ones truly need.