Since 2007 the Center for Infectious Diseases “Clinic for treatment of children with HIV/AIDS” has been working at the National Children’s Hospital “Okhmatdyt”.

This health facility is the most important specialized department in Ukraine that treats children in grave condition from all over the country, including children from ATO zone, orphans and disadvantaged children.

2109 children applied to the specialized medical department in 2014. 525 of them (and their parents) applied for the first time. In 2014 227 children went through inpatient hospital treatment at Okhmatdyt though the clinic can only provide room for 20 beds.

Most patients of the “Clinic for treatment of children with HIV/AIDS” are aged 7-12. At the same time 66% of those who received treatment in Okhmatdyt for the first time are already at the AIDS stage (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). In other words, the condition of these children is grave. The most common complications in patients of the Center are lymphadenopathy, encephalopathy, oncology – in 39% of cases, other diseases – in 14,6% of cases.

The cost of inpatient treatment of one child (including medications, food and service) is 3500 UAH per day. I.e. the cost is higher than at the Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant at Okhmatdyt. These costs are covered by Ukrainian government, sponsors and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.