Eugenia Smirnova is head of the non-governmental organization “Small Heart with Art”.

Sotheby’s graduate, experienced gallery and art manager Eugenia Smirnova has been engaged in charity work for a couple of years. She is focused on helping children, in particular – HIV-positive children and children with AIDS. Her desire to help this socially vulnerable group of children and make their life at least a little bit happier pushed her to create the public association “Small Heart with Art”. And Eugenia chose art as the primary instrument for helping children, since art, as well as charity, is close to her heart.

Lyudmila Sokur – Volunteer, Curator of Educational Programs.

Inna Gavrilova – Volunteer.

Eugene Drobotun – Volunteer, Social Worker, conducts health lessons.

Olga Andrusenko - Volunteer, Ukrainian Language Teacher.

Ekaterina Omelchenko - Volunteer, Medical University Student, teaches biology.

Xenia Gurtovenko – Volunteer, Practicing Psychologist, conducts master classes of drawing, modeling.

Maxim Kazakov - Volunteer, History Teacher.

Alona Bondarenko - Volunteer, Chief Accountant.

Konstantin Lezhentsev – Volunteer, Consultant in Working with International Organizations.

Aleksandr Stasov – Consultant in External Communications.

Varvara Shalaeva - Volunteer.

Roksana Oleynik - Volunteer.

Sergey Oleynik - Volunteer.