Non-governmental organization “Small Heart with Art” (state registration code 39749010) is urgently raising funds for repairs and heat insulation of the front walls of the Center for Infectious Diseases “Clinic for treatment of children with HIV/AIDS” at National Children’s Hospital “Okhmatdyt”(building 15), where HIV-positive children and children with AIDS receive medical treatment.

This health facility is the most important specialized department in Ukraine that treats children in grave condition from all over the country, including children from ATO zone, orphans and disadvantaged children.

We ask companies and individuals to support this socially vulnerable group of children that need the conditions in the hospital to be improved in order to achieve successful treatment results. Repairs of the building 15 at National Children’s Hospital “Okhmatdyt” include heat-insulation of back elevation that would provide warmth-keeping of wards where ill children stay (in fact they live there), as well as reconstruction of the building. This is literally vital for little patients with HIV/AIDS as conditions at hospital influence treatment success.

Illnesses such as cancer, lymphoma, tuberculosis and diabetes are the most common complications in children with HIV infection that is why it is crucial to create for them environment that will facilitate treatment success.

Reconstruction of the building 15 at National Children’s Hospital “Okhmatdyt” is planned to be complete within two months and workers are to finish repairs till October 15, 2015 (before the beginning of heating season).

When repairs of the building 15 at National Children’s Hospital “Okhmatdyt” are complete, six Ukrainian conceptual artists – Zhanna Kadyrova, Roman Minin, Alevtina Kakhidze, Tanya Voitovych and the GAZ group (Oleksii Zolotariov and Vasiliy Grublyak) – on a voluntary basis will paint on its walls and create a playground for little patients. With the help of art we are going to draw attention to HIV-positive children and children with AIDS in Ukraine, as now they are socially isolated.