Who we help

Approved by the board of directors of the non-governmental organization “Small Heart with Art”

Funds raised by the association may be provided as financial support to HIV-positive children and children with AIDS.

To receive material assistance parents, guardians or authorized persons should give written consent addressed to the head of the non-governmental organization “Small Heart with Art”.

Written request may be sent by post or by email. Application should include following documents as the reason for providing financial support: scan copy of physician’s conclusion, prescription, scan copy of a verification of HIV infection in the child. There should also be attached following accompanying documents: a copy of the passport (pages 1,2 and the page with registration), a copy of the ID code. The board of directors of the public association “Small Heart with Art” at its sole discretion may request additional documents in order to make well-reasoned decision about providing financial assistance.

Financial support may be provided in part – not in full as requested in the application – depending on the availability of funds. The decision is made by the board of directors of the public association “Small Heart with Art”.

Financial support may be provided as assistance to HIV-positive children according to the following criteria:

  • -  vital necessity of medications;

  • -  vital necessity of surgery;

  • -  vital necessity of medical examination;

  • -  material assistance for burying.

The non-governmental organization “Small Heart with Art” does not provide direct financial support to parents, guardians or authorized persons. As mentioned above, we cover expenses (in full or part) on medications, surgery, medical examination or burying in the presence of relevant confirmatory documents.

We guarantee confidentiality of all documents provided to our association.