Tetiana Vakuliuk

teacher of grades 1-11 in Dnipro Phthisiology, Dnipro


It’s been more than nine years since Tetiana had her first lesson at the hospital. It was a real surprise, very difficult, unpleasant and at the same time exciting. The children’s eyes, filled with a sum of judgement and light, made an unforgettable impression.
The role of the hospital teacher proved to be quite varied, creative, and at times important. Influencing the development of children, watching their unchildren’s lives, fighting for life – this is not only a professional challenge for Tetiana.
The main reward for her work is the joy and love of her children. Once she felt her children: “One, two, three, Tetiana Mykolaivna, come here!” and so on several times… At such moments you understand that your work is not marginal. And sometimes you wonder how strong they are! Taking loads of medications, taking drips, injections, procedures, living for a long time without their relatives, and yet still being children. So, they really are Superheroes!
And these little Superheroes charge their teacher with their strength and resilience in humanity and mercy.


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