Raisa Fedchuk

teacher of maths at the Zhytomyr regional hospital


Raisa Kazimirivna is a teacher of the highest category, Senior Teacher, Honorary Member of Education of Ukraine, a teacher of mathematics and a real Friend, who has been introducing children to the world of numbers for 42 years!
She has a great experience as a teacher: the position of deputy director of the school of educational and spiritual work, headmistress of the school, the head of the methodology department.
Working with children who are temporarily undergoing medical treatment has given the teacher a second chance. Meetings with students, individual mathematics lessons enthuse and inspire the teacher and students to make new life achievements.
“A teacher’s lot is generous with unforgettable encounters. A high school student with a tolerant but wary eyes walked into the School of Superheroes. In a few quick minutes the world of math had us both captivated. Everyday lessons turned into interesting discussions, and the fine-tuning ended with joyful discoveries”, says Raisa Kazimierz, remembering one of her students.


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