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Positive life

What is the life of those who stand in the shadow of the HIV / AIDS sentence? Positive Life is a campaign that lets you look behind the screen and tell the true story of living with HIV.

Positive Life is a story of a life that has colors that do not end in diagnosis and last in its entirety.

Two large-scale events

Especially for World AIDS Day in 2018, we have two big events. To think, talk and see:

  • What is HIV / AIDS and how is it perceived by others?
  • Stories of real-life heroes walking the hot coals of public opinion every day
  • Ways that lead to a comfortable and joyful life for those who have to hide behind a diagnosis
B Positive NGO Fair

This is an art show that seeks to break stereotypes about people with HIV. We invite artists to take part in the art competition that raises the HIV / AIDS problem in Ukraine. Each artist can use different methods and approaches, the main goal is to visualize the consequences of a biased attitude towards HIV-positive people.

The whole exhibition makes us rethink the life of HIV-infected people - who are they? How is their day going? Where did stigma come from? What do we really need to know about AIDS? We strive to not only tell more truth, overcome discrimination, but also show real stories, tell the truth about everyday life with HIV

For the first time, the exhibition opened on December 1, 2017 in the gallery of the American House in Kyiv. So we joined the social and cultural company of World AIDS Day. 70 young Ukrainian artists have applied for participation in the competition. The jury managed to select 7 works and present them at the exhibition. Therefore, Yulia Belyaeva, Gleb Mukha, Maria Rakhimova, Yevgeny Shalenik, Yevgeniya Rudenko, Lera Litvinova and Vitaliy Svyatets presented their installations and projects on the topic of stigmatizing people with HIV. The works "Overcoming" by Evgeny Shalenik and "Isolated" by Yulia Belyaeva were recognized as the best. The winners were given the opportunity to conduct their personal exhibitions in the gallery of the American House.

This is a fair of public organizations working with HIV-positive people, and those who create projects to help victims of HIV / AIDS. It’s is a platform for the exchange of ideas, experience and finding partners in the common cause against discrimination and fight with HIV / AIDS epidemic.

For the first time, we held such a fair on the territory of the Pechersky district in Kyiv back in 2017. And we managed to collect 40 organizations. What for? So that they can all meet on a common platform, get to know each other and establish a dialogue about possible support and cooperation. After all, sometimes we don’t even know that we are far not the only ones in our struggle and ideas.

The Fair became a platform for discussions and panels. We invited lecturers from organizations that have long been implementing projects to combat the HIV / AIDS epidemic, which support people living with HIV and fight against stigma and discrimination. To hear about all the innovations firsthand, learn about the real course of events, statistics and together predict future actions. We dreamt that all volunteers could exchange opinions and experience. And we succeeded.

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We help orphans and those who have no parents, street and abandoned kids. And of course, we do not pass away from children who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Everything that is within our superpowers, we are ready to do and help, if there are resources and opportunities. We usually resolve the issue with:

search and purchase of medicines surgical operations and medical examination burial, if, unfortunately, this happens.
Therefore, if you have urgent medical needs, you need to undergo surgery, undergo examination or treatment, we can help you. There are only a couple of conditions that we adhere to:

No direct financial assistance – we buy medicines, pay for examinations, procedures and do not give out money.
You must have documents confirming your need: medical reports, requests from doctors and the like.
Accordingly, we guarantee you confidentiality and assistance, to our best.

Documents that will be required of you:

Email us info@smallheartwithart.org or call 044 228 6089

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