Anastasiya Dyakova

co-founder of Small Heart with Art


It was Anastasia, together with Yevgeny Smirnova, who started the change for the children in hospitals. She made efforts to open classes for children at the HIV department of NSCH “Okhmatdyt” so that diagnoses would not be a verdict.

She received her knowledge and education in Boston, London, Ohio and even worked as a financial expert and business development manager at top companies such as PORSCHE FINANCE GROUP and PROCTER & GAMBLE UKRAINE. But from then and after Anastasia has chosen to use her talent and abilities to change the country and protect the weakest – children.

Today, Anastasia oversees anti-bullying programs, works at the Office of the Ombudsman for children under the Office of the President and acts as an advisor on safe internet for every child under the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation.

Anastasia is a national expert on the protection of children against violence and behind her shoulders there are several powerful national programs: for example, #STOP_SEXting (National awareness campaign and educational project for children and adults about sexual abuse and exploitation on the Internet) and #StopBulling.


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