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A fairy tale teaches children life in an accessible language.

It all began with 2000 books that presented the opening of the first class of Superheroes School in the HIV department. At present, there are already 14,000 of them, and they live in a specially designated and equipped space in the new hospital building, where access points from all wards are available.

The Superheroes Library aims at falling in love with children in a book, reading, helping children to learn about the world, to develop, to read, to dream, even if they are undergoing long-term hospital treatment.

Books are a real portal to other dimensions, worlds, adventures and stories. This is an opportunity to learn, to know, to experience explosive emotions, to develop imagination and to increase hospital stay.

In each area of ​​the library sewn up gamification to ensure that the child spent here felt comfortable.

Library areas:

  1. Hop, you can pick up a book here! – The librarian can find out all about the work of the library and books.
  2. Click, computers are coming to life! – You can work online in your computer area.
  3. Shh, here’s the rush of stories! – comfortable with a book, notepad and meaningful work with educational materials.
  4. Spit, take a good time and read! – it is convenient to sit in the soft armchairs with a book and enjoy reading.
  5. Op, try a new game! – board games area, where there are a bunch of development games that you can play with anyone who wants to visit the library

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