I am learning and recovering!

As a child, every six months I was in hospital. After ten years, I can say that the hospital is a time of opportunity. It is worth understanding how to use them!
Eugene Smirnova, founder of Superheroes School

What is the Superheroes

This is a network of schools in hospitals where education is free. Classrooms where superteachers are always ready to share knowledge with kids in hospitals. A space where childhood flourishes and one can escape from treatment and diagnoses.

  • Kyiv, NDSL Okhmatdyt
  • Zhytomyr, the V.J. Bashek Children's Hospital and Zhytomyr Regional Children's Clinical Hospital
  • Dnipro, Dnipro Regional Children's Clinical Hospital and Dnipro Regional Phthisiology Association
  • Kharkiv, City Children's Clinical Hospital № 16
  • Khmelnytsky, Khmelnytsky Regional Children's Hospital
  • We believe that soon we will be able to reopen the classrooms in the Kherson Children's Regional Clinical Hospital. Because Kherson is Ukraine!

How to get admitted?

Please, fill out the application so that we take into account all the needs of the future Superhero or Superheroine. Everyone can study, we have checked!

How the School operates during the war?

Our teachers are armed with knowledge and are ready for challenges because superheroes, even after serious injuries, still dream of lessons.

Preparation for the External independent testing

To successfully pass all exams and have a chance to study in your dream place.

Individual lessons

If you want to dive deeper into a subject or learn something special

School curriculum

Teachers give one-on-one lessons or teach in mini-groups of 2-3 superheroes.

The Superheroes School
Purpose -

To ensure that parents and children have time for childhood, dreams, and life full of discoveries and adventures. Even in spite of serious diagnoses. Even in spite of the war. To feel that everything is possible for at least 45 minutes of the lesson!

Curator of the School


In 2017, Nataliia Moseichuk supported the Superheroes School and became its curator. Natalia is a presenter on TV 1 + 1, curator of the Right to Education project. Takes care of children's access to quality education.

More about the team

Values of the
educational process


At the center of the educational process is a child, we carry out Talent Management.


We use the latest technology available in the world to make the learning process as efficient and fun as possible.


We make sure that knowledge is applied in everyday life, not just for the purpose of passing the EIT.


We teach to dream and to enjoy any achievement.


We accept differences.


At the center of the educational process is a child, we carry out Talent Management.

School features

Superheroes residence

It all started with a small piece of grass. But we cannot dream on a small scale.

About residence


Everyone has the right to education. Distance is not an obstacle.

About supercar


The fairy tale teaches children life in an accessible language.

About library

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