Nataliia Kontemir

is a business consultant and franchising expert


It is Mrs. Natalia who helps us to work in a complicated business structure, and most importantly – to realize the main dream of the Superhero School in every hospital in the country.
Mrs. Natalia – the person who planned, controlled and regulated the work of the beet-bars G-bar, get the company Join Up! To a new level of profitability and gathered a powerful team for MICE Travel for 6 months.
This is the specialist who is able to write marketing strategies, analyze efficiency and increase profits. And the main thing – to do so that our School could actually teleport to any city of Ukraine and comfortably exist there and benefit all the carapace. Natalia Contemer’s shoulders are successful projects, retail and well-developed networks of successful business. In short, we solve all the complex and incomprehensible business issues through Ms. Natalia.

Professional Bio:

  • Business Consultant – BURSA Hotel Kyiv. And this is not only a hotel but also a gallery, a library, a cafe, bar and networking – all in one.
  • Fractional Manager – Oh My Look! & G.Bar
  • Executive Director – LLC “MAIS TRAVEL”
  • Head of the Frainchang Department – SE “AE T Join UP!”


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