Yevheniia Smirnova

Small Heart with Art' and Superheroes School' Foundress


Founder of NGO “Small Heart with Art” and the Superheroes School, public figure, art dealer.

In childhood, Yevheniia spent many time in hospitals by her own, this experience and pushed her to create a unique space for children, where you can forget about the disease and maintain your appetite for knowledge.


The First  Superheroes School Eugenia opened on the basis of the “OHMATDYT” hospital – namely, in the clinic for caravans diagnosed with HIV / AIDS. The first projects, lessons and activities were born on the initiative of Yevheniia. She appealed to a socially active business and was able to convince a number of important companies to support the project. Eugenia regularly visits children in OHMATDYT, communicates with parents and guardians – this is the only opportunity to understand the needs, pain and dreams of small patients.


She can tell everything and a little more about antiretroviral treatment, Israeli teaching techniques, recent technological advances or discrimination against people with positive HIV status. After all, except for children, from the field of view does not let out and adults. Every year, thanks to the initiative of Yevheniia, the Positive Life NGO Fair is held where you can talk aloud about the problems that are usually silent.

Eugenia has three higher education and could become a psychologist or manager of exhibition activities. But she chose a slightly more complicated way, where she can combine her knowledge of psychology and art therapy. In the Superheroes School, she can realize her marketing, strategy or organization skills. And moreover – thanks to a very interesting purpose.

  • Co-chairman of the Union of Parents of Children Living with HIV, Eastern European and Central Asian Region
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the NDSL “OHMATDYT”
  • Member of the Public Council at the Pechersk District State Administration in Kyiv administration
  • Woman of the Year 2016
  • “Volunteer of the year 2016” in Pechersk district


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