Small Heart with Art Organized a Trip of Doctors to the Anti-terrorist Operation Zone on Donbas


Thanks to ArtObmin program of Small Heart with Art public organization, physicians of “Ohmatdyt” National children’s specialized hospital could go to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk and survey 53 HIV-positive and AIDS-infected children of the anti-terrorist operation zone.

It is found that 25 children needed urgent hospitalization.

Small Heart with Art thanks the artist Rita Maykova whose work became the subject of “ArtObmin” on payment of journey and residence in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk of a senior physician of HIV-positive and AIDS-infected children of Ohmatdyt and also the social worker.

In Sloviansk and Kramatorsk there are no experts qualified in this diagnosis therefore children don’t receive necessary medical care there. The 14-year-old girl, who has urgently been sent for hospitalization to Kyiv, was one of the most difficult patients by results of inspection.

“The matter is that HIV has its specifics – very often the disease passes into cancer and it becomes extremely difficult to save the child. It is one of the reasons because of which children have to be under constant control of experts.

In Kramatorsk there is a children’s boarding school where children live with this diagnosis. In Sloviansk the AIDS center works. To avoid disease epidemic in this region, of Small Heart with Art, the artist Rita Maykova and not indifferent philanthropists have been able to carry out Artobmin and to organize a trip of the qualified doctors to the anti-terrorist operation zone”, – the head of the volunteer Small Heart with Art group, Evgenia Smirnova, has told.

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