Social Franchise in action: Two Superheroes Schools in children’s hospitals started to work in Zhytomyr


The mayor of Zhytomyr Serhiy Sukhomlyn, Head of Zhytomyr Regional Council Volodymyr Shyrma, Curator of the Superheroes School and the Right to Education 1 + 1 project Natalia Moseichuk and the team of the NGO “Small Heart with Art” opened two new educational centres of the Superheroes’ School on October 11, 2019 that will now be in the children’s regional and city hospitals of Zhytomyr region.

Superheroes’ School ensures the right to education for children who undergo long-lasting treatment at the hospitals. Such school has been successfully operating for three years in the NSCH “Okhmatdyt”, and now two more will start working in Zhytomyr thanks to the cooperation of the public sector, local authorities and socially active business. Developed by the Small Heart with Art team, social franchise “The Superhero School: Guide to Implementation” gives an opportunity to bring to life the main purpose of the hospital school – to motivate yourself to study. Doctors say that regular classes have a therapeutic effect on children and help them recover faster.

“The hospital is a time of opportunity. Just look at it from another angle and find the right approach. The social franchise will be a guide in this, in order to open up the world for children even in hospital realities,”– says Evgeniya Smirnova, founder of Superheroes’ School and the NGO.

The creation of the Superheroes’ Schools was supported by the chief doctors of Zhytomyr Regional Children’s Hospital Yuriy Dovgopoly  and Bashek’s Children’s Hospital Volodymyr Halayba, Zhytomyr City and Regional Councils, allocating funds for repair work and equipment.

“The small patients of the two Zhytomyr hospitals – the regional and the city ones– while undergoing all the early manipulations and procedures will receive education. Because now they have schools and teachers. They are unlikely to feel as comfortable and cozy in their local schools. Adults have done everything possible and impossible, as the hospital schools are equipped with the most up-to-date educational facilities. Let the children recover and learn! I am convinced they will return remembering what was done for them, with love, to their country,”– said Nataliya Moseichuk, the curator of the Superheroes’ School and the Right to Education project.

“We adults change as much as children do. Personally, I have been convinced of that several times. During the establishment of this school in the hospital and during the construction of the school in Zhytomyr, many people asked “Why? Why do we pay attention to the details – the color of the walls and other equipment? “In fact, this important and properly organized space has a positive effect on children’s development. For me, the main reward was that this year, on Teacher’s Day, students welcomed their teachers. In the lobby of school, they performed a concert and welcomed the teachers of the whole school with their music. For me, this is the drive from which you charge and want to go forward, to implement projects further. From my side, the Zhytomyr City Administration is ready to support social projects, is ready to allocate funds, the main thing is to have such process drivers as the Right to Education, Superheroes’ School teams, because nothing would’ve happened without them,” said the mayor of Zhytomyr Sergey Sukhomlyn.

According to the Regulations of full-time general secondary education in health care institutions, the development of which involved the teams Right to education and Small Heart with Art, and the corresponding orders for the School №33, the educational process has started in Zhytomyr City Hospital on October 1, 2019. Soon lessons will start at the Zhytomyr Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

“School in the hospital is a necessary step in patients’ psychological health. Children from all over the region come to us and have been treated for months. Superheroes’ School is a project that allows children not to drop out of the educational process and, therefore, to return home to their usual schools painlessly,” said the chief doctor of Zhytomyr Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, Yuriy Dovgopoly.


Partners for the creation of Superhero Schools in Zhytomyr are the Right to Education project 1+1 Media, the Embassy of the United States in Ukraine, Zhytomyr City Council, Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, Henkel, Kolorit, “You are Not Alone” Charitable Foundation 1 + 1 Media, Trans -Atlantic Medical Relief Foundation, IDS Aqua, Genesis Publishing House, EdPro, Ray Furniture Factory, Zhytomyr Treats, Roller shutters of Ukraine, Ergo, Vikly, Cooper & Hunter, Colon Design, Volt, Euro Lamps, LIKO School.

We and the Right to Education project team aim to open educational spaces in 33 regional hospitals in Ukraine, as well as to reach urban and specialized children’s healthcare facilities. We are ready to share our experience with everyone who will be involved in the creation of the Superheroes’ Schools in their cities, as continuous education and quality education are integral components for the next generations to grow.

TSN story about the opening in Zhytomyr

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