Superheroes’ Residence is Now Opened


Did you know that spending more time outdoors is a universal and effective recommendation of all doctors?

Now it has become easier to combine learning and outdoor activities for little patients. That’s why the public organization Small Heart with Art together with the Charity Foundation “You are Not Alone” 1 + 1 Media and the project “Right to Education” headed by curator of the Superheroes’ School Nataliia Moseychuk opened the Superheroes Residence for patients of the National Children’s Specialized Hospital «OKHMATDYT» on October, 25th 2019.

The Superheroes Residence is an inclusive, open-air playground in the hospital area behind the surgical building. Kids are now able to spend time here at any time of the year, because active and interesting outdoor activities always cheer up the mood. Together with the teachers and volunteers of the Superheroes School, students will spend a part of their lessons at the Residence, in the courtyard of the city hospital.

The Superheroes Residence is divided into separate areas:
• the well-known Gorodyk (Vegetable Garden), which is a place for biology is literally an open-air laboratory

• a special road to study traffic rules with a real traffic light and pedestrian signs

• an inclusive playground

• mini-football field, as who said that the hospital couldn’t be the time and place for a winning goal

Creating the Superheroes Residence took a year, while this idea was in our minds for the while four years – site planning and partner search was not easy. “I have dreamed of creating a safe zone on the territory of OKHMATDYT since 2015, when I first came as a volunteer. We have created a small town where children have been studying biology for four years during summer. Not only training is needed to recover toddlers, but also playing is necessary for the restoration – children thus get to learn more about the world they live in. In order to everyone can enjoy their favorite swings, they must be inclusive, because there are many children in wheelchairs in the hospital,” Yevheniia Smirnova, founder of the Superheroes’ School, emphasizes.

“We are very grateful to all our partners for their support, as NSCH “OKHMATDYT” now has an inclusive playground equipped with a special infrastructure for children with disabilities. It is a holiday and a great joy for us, because the children undergoing treatment will now be able to know each other, communicate, and have a great time outside. This is so important for them and their parents during difficult times. A happy childhood is not possible without friends”– comments the co-founder of the charity Foundation “Friendly People” Elizabeth Levytska.

The first star guests of the newly created residence were Valentyna Khamaiko, a TV-host of the program “Breakfast.Weekend” on TV channel 1 + 1 and Olexandra Loboda, a TV presenter of “Football” program on TV channel 2 + 2 and a curator of the charitable project “Zdiysny Mriyu“ (“Make a Dream”).

“I’ve never seen anything like that. This is unbelievable when, being in hospitals, children spend time not only in narrow wards, but also in the air among plants, doing sports and playing, and doctors know that this is a protected area without outsiders, but with access to entertainment. It distracts the children from the hospital process and helps them recover faster,” Valentyna Khamaiko said.

“For children who are in the hospital walls for a long time, lying in the wards, the Superheroes’ playground is an opportunity to go outside, be distracted from procedures, and feel new emotions. This is unrealistically cool, because children continue to develop, play, have fun and play outside, even under hospital conditions,” Olexandra Loboda shares his impressions.

Angela Dmytrenko, a Ukrainian artist, created an incredible drawing on the wall of the Residence for little superheroes to draw inspiration from: “I realized for a long time that it was important to do what you love, what makes you alive. Once upon a time, my creative work was simply a hobby, but I was able to make my dream come true and, thanks to perseverance, make it a matter of life. When I learned about the Superheroes Residence and the “Zdiysny Mriyu” project, I realized that these were special projects, such bells that signalized that it was time to make something light and give a part of your soul to someone who needs your warmth. And I donated a piece of myself so that the children would continue to believe in the light, the good, and then it would come true. I am a person who believes in dreams, and I confirm that by dreaming, going to your dream, we achieve the result and receive incredible pleasure from that.”

Different types of activity smooth the border between the usual daily routine of the child and the hospital. This was perfectly understood by the team of Kiev on the show “Rozsmishy Comika” (Make a Comedian Laugh). They won the funds to implement the idea of the Superheroes Residence. You can see how all this happened in November in new issues of the 1 + 1 program.
The Epicenter K made a charitable contribution to the construction of the site – it is with their help that we repaired the facade of the building, the stairs, arranged the curbs and provided the necessary building materials.

Partners of the project became “Rozsmishy Comika”, Epicenter K, 1 + 1 Breakfast, “Zdiysny Mriyu”, Composite, Friendly People, Popko Brothers & Partners, Digicode and YoCard Pay.

TV Episode in Сніданок з 1 + 1 about the opening of the Superheroes’ Residence

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