The Superheroes’ Library in NSCH “OKHMATDYT” is Now Opened


Reading, learning and growing up becomes even easier and more enjoyable


It’s not a secret that anyone can find their own power in books. That is why we, together with the Charity Foundation “You are Not Alone” 1 + 1 Media and the Right to Education project team, have opened the Superheroes’ Library for patients of NSCH “OKHMATDYT”.


The Superheroes’ Library is a new educational space of the Superheroes’ School network where young readers can choose the books they alike while being at the hospital. Books are the window into the world, it is always open for everybody, it is only worth the step.

Yevheniia Smirnova, founder of Superheroes’ School commented: “In the modern world, it is one of the most difficult tasks for educators to fall in love with reading. Because, unfortunately, we state that books are losing to gadgets and modern technology. Therefore, it is not just a space filled with books, here everything is gamified for the child to spend as much time in the library as possible. It’s not just a library, it’s a well-thought-out zoning system where you can play board games, pick up your computer and find the information you need. And we are sure that at some point the child will pick up the book and start reading.”


The project is aimed at helping children to learn about the world, develop, read fiction and non-fiction, even if they are undergoing long-term treatment.

Books are one of the few entertainments that fits almost all young patients. It is also a real portal to other dimensions, worlds, adventures and stories. It is an opportunity to learn, to know, to experience explosive emotions, to develop imagination and to shorten the time spent at the hospital.


“I have a little holiday, we have opened a library in the new building of the NSCH “OKHMATDYT”. It will be great when children from all departments of the hospital come here or take books to the wards to read while undergoing medical treatment. While the supermobile will help the librarian to deliver books to children who cannot come on their own. I believe this open space will become a hub for the little ones, the place of their meeting, the place of their strength,” – said Nataliia Moseichuk, Superheroes’ School curator and 1 + 1 TV-host.


Maryna Gorobeiko, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of OKHMATDYT: “This project takes both the hospital and our children to a whole new level. Our cooperation makes the hospital a super-clinic, where children, through integration into learning, are more likely to recover, not drop out of the social process, continue their education. I’m very glad that the love for books in them will be born and grow in our hospital, and even the smallest patients will be able to come, take books, breathe in that unique smell, flip through pages and read. Our nation must be healthy and clever.”


“We are pleased to support an incredibly important project of creating a hospital library. It will become a favorite fairy tale world of adventures that will help children get to know the world, admire and dream, recover faster and return home, to friends and to school. Our team supports children and young people in difficult circumstances, which is one of the areas of our personal and corporate responsibility. We are very pleased to have found this project and the library will live where it needed,”Anastasia Voitkevich, Head of Corporate Communications and CSR at Winner Imports Ukraine said.


The first star guest of the library became Kateryna Pavlenko, the lead singer of the Go-A group, who won the Eurovision 2020 National Competition. Kateryna confessed: “I am very pleased to be here today with you, with people who are able to do good, to bring benefits to our society. At one time, I also read a lot, and it is great that now children have books and they are in the open access. I want to reach out to everyone, especially children – never stop dreaming. We all, adults and children, dream. But very often no one believes in us, in our dreams. But this is not a reason to give up, continue reading. Books like nothing else teach you to dream. It is the best source for developing your imagination, not stopping and dreaming of something wonderful for the entire society, the entire planet.”


Partners of the project became the Charity Foundation “You are Not Alone” 1 + 1 Media, the Project “Right to Education”, Winner Imports Ukraine, Baker Tilly Ukraine, International Women’s Club of Kiev, Cooper & Hunter Ukraine, Yakaboo Online Store, Book Arsenal, “Bukva” Store, Genesis Publishing House, EdCamp Teaching Community, Colon Design Office and Feshchenko + Partners Design Studio, Miss Ukraine National Contest and the Red Cross of Ukraine.

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