Superheroes School on the pages of The New York Times


Every year we hold strategic sessions on planning work for the next year and dreams for the future. Back in 2020, we ambitiously demanded to see a reference about the work of the Superheroes School in the world’s most famous publication, The New York Times. And this year our dream came true! However, the war leaves a sour taste of that little victory.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of Ukrainian children suffered physical and hundreds of thousands of psychological injuries. Those who have serious physical injuries or lost loved ones will never return to the carefree childhood that every child had before the morning of February 24. The category of children with whom the teachers of the Superheroes School worked has changed – now it is not only children with HIV and oncology, autoimmune and endocrine diseases, but also children traumatized by war. It was thanks to their high evaluation of the work of the Superheroes School teachers, that we were featured on pages of The New York Times as part of a comprehensive approach to providing rehabilitation services to children affected by war. You can read The New York Times article via this link

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