Books to schools: Superheroes School received new textbooks from the state


What is a school year without new textbooks? In October, the Superheroes School received a complete set of ‘New Ukrainian School’ materials, enough for 8 educational centres for students in grades 1 to 4. And most of the books are already en route to hospital-based schools: the first to deploy them were the Superheroes School at Okhmatdyt state hospital in Kyiv and two Schools in Zhytomyr — the V.J.  Bashek Children’s Hospital and the Zhytomyr Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

Victoria Mykhaylenko, head of the educational centre at the V.J. Bashek Children’s Hospital

Primary school teacher Oksana Zarudina and her assistant Karina Vakulenko at the Zhytomyr Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital

Among the textbooks that have already appeared on the shelves of hospital classrooms, are the books on Ukrainian and English languages, mathematics, art and computer science for grades 1-4.

As the publishers themselves say: “These textbooks will be especially useful for children who are forced to study in a hospital. Because all the material here is structured, accessible and arranged from simple to more complex. It takes into account all age characteristics. In addition, the books are brightly and modernly designed and contain QR codes, by which you can get additional educational information and check the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities.”


At Superheroes Schools, the principle of “the child is at the centre of the educational process” applies, prioritising the requests of little children. The time between procedures becomes a time of opportunities and children are extremely thirsty for interesting knowledge and challenges. Therefore, modern books that provoke critical thinking and imagination are the best fit for hospital lessons. Thanks to the fact that the Superheroes School is now a state institution, it is possible to obtain such textbooks with state funds and provide all the educational needs of the little ones.


All in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #41, dated January 23, 2019, “On the approval of the Procedure for providing textbooks and manuals to students of general secondary education and teaching staff”, which was supplemented by Resolution of the CMU No. 1036 dated September 13 of this year. In paragraph 14 (subparagraph 4 ) there is an abstract: “the provision of educational services by the state institution ‘School of Superheroes’ in accordance with the needs, and at the rate of four copies of textbooks per each educational subject (integrated course) for each class of educational centres of the abovementioned state institution in accordance with the order of the relevant centre.”


Books already come to life in classes, children eagerly absorb knowledge, and the Superheroes School continues to protect the right of every child to education.

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