The “Government Courier” talked about the School of Superheroes


The “Government Courier” is a daily editorial of the central executive authorities of Ukraine. The other day, an interview with Yevgenia Smirnova, the inspirer, founder and acting director of the state institution ‘School of Superheroes’, was featured on its pages.


“Every Ukrainian will remember February 24, 2022, for the rest of their lives, and I also saw the reaction of our team—we were scared and confused, just like the rest of the country. It seemed that we were doing something wrong these seven years. Like, we had to go to the shooting range and learn to shoot, and we were engaged in education in children’s hospitals and helped children with HIV/AIDS and oncology. Thanks to international partners in the first weeks of the war, the evacuation of children abroad began. Otherwise, it was difficult and extremely dangerous to provide highly qualified medical care in Ukraine. Days passed, and the wards of the Superheroes School left the country, and we did not understand how to work and where to move. But this condition did not last long – a girl from occupied Mariupol was brought to “Okhmatdyt” for treatment. Her story will turn your blood cold – she survived the hell of shelling and the loss of a loved one who died in her arms. And the first desire that Karina voiced to the psychologists of the hospital was that she wanted to continue studying and preparing for the external examination in mathematics. In a matter of moments, the child mobilized our entire team and the Superheroes School resumed the educational process. First in Okhmatdyt, and then in other hospitals. Our school now not only educates children but is the first link of rehabilitation from the psychological trauma of the war,” was the first thing Evgenia talked about.

Read the full article on the ‘Government Courier’ website about the new challenges that the Superheroes School faces, as well as the new opportunities and paths towards growth.

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