St. Nicholas brought a gift to the Superheroes School!


After the full-scale invasion, the first School of Superheroes, which we started working on from scratch, will be located in the Communal Non-Profit Enterprise “Lviv Territorial Medical Association “Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital of Intensive Treatment Methods and Emergency Medical Aid”. Additionally, the School is already being established as a new educational centre of the Superheroes School state institution.


This is how the three classes will look like in two months at the St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv in the city of the Lion. They will work for children from preschool, middle and high school.

But how was this possible during the full-scale invasion?

With the Russian aggression, many children who needed highly qualified medical care moved from front-line hospitals to Lviv. That is why the mayor Andriy Sadovy addressed us as a government institution, the ‘Superheroes School’.


The miracle has happened thanks to the collaboration of:

🎁 The salary fund is provided by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Olena Zelenska

🎁 Equipment repairs can be done thanks to Dentons Kyiv Office

🎁 Visualization of classrooms and thought-through, detail-oriented design from Dvoetochie

🎁 We also thank our godmother Natalia Moseichuk for her support over the years.

The educational process is not waiting for repairs, DM us now to join the School of Superheroes, as a teacher, educator, psychologist or volunteer.

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