Opening of the Superheroes School in Lviv!


On May 30th, an educational center of the state institution “Superheroes School” was opened at St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Lviv

This is the first educational center of the Superheroes School that is opened after it has become a state institution. From now, children undergoing treatment here will be able to discover their talents, learn professions and keep up with life even in hospital wards. This educational space was created thanks to the financial support of the international law firm Dentons. These are our longtime friends and partners who helps us to implement projects and to develop. It was they who supported and provided financial assistance for the repair and equipment of two bright classrooms at the Superheroes School in Lviv.

The event was attended by Liliia Hrynevych, a member of the Superheroes’ School Board of Trustees, former Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine; Natalia Moseychuk, a journalist, curator of the Right to Education project and Superheroes’ School; Andriy Sadovyi, Lviv Mayor; and Yevheniia Smirnova, acting director of Superheroes’ School, our founder and inspirer.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, who once asked the Superheroes School to open a school in St. Nicholas Hospital, expressed his gratitude and hope that there will be more new educational centers in hospitals. And as many children as possible will have the opportunity to study in the bright spaces of the Superheroes School.

Yevheniia Smirnova, acting director of the Superheroes School: “Lviv became the first city to open an educational center of the Superheroes School as a state institution and the first school to be opened since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. I am grateful to our partners and team for their much-needed support and mobilization, which made today’s opening possible. I am proud of you and believe that our victories will bring even more interesting and incredible activities for children and keep up with life even in hospital wards.”

The School’s curator and 1+1 presenter Nataliia Moseychuk, who celebrated the anniversary on that day, sincerely thanked for such an incredible gift as the opening of the new Superheroes School, which will now inspire Lviv children.

The participants of the event were given a tour of the Superheroes School’s classrooms. In particular, they took part in open lessons of Ukrainian history and chemistry and had the opportunity to talk to the superheroes and learn about their impressions of studying at the school.

Currently, there are 9 educational centers of the state institution “Superheroes School” in Ukraine, which ensure the right to education for children undergoing inpatient treatment throughout Ukraine. For children, the absence of a curriculum means a forced withdrawal from the educational process and social life, which negatively affects their psychological state, the speed of recovery and makes it difficult to return to school and normal life. That is why it is so important to provide children undergoing treatment with the opportunity to remain in the educational process.

The state institution “Superheroes School” was created at the initiative of the Office of the President, the Government of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and with the support of the First Lady of Ukraine. The educational center in Lviv was made possible thanks to the international law firm Dentons and a collaboration of the public sector and business, experts from the pro bono NGO “Small Heart with Art” and 1+1 media, the US Embassy in Ukraine, the Right to Education project, EdPro LLC, Cooper & Hunter, DVOETOCHIE design bureau, Natalia Gudymenko, Yelyzaveta Feshchenko and Alla Sorokovykova, and the international charity foundation Health of the Future.

400 children have already received 1600 educational services at the Superheroes School with a team of 19 specialists at the Lviv hospital. One of these children is superhero Anya from Brovary, who suffered numerous burns and was treated in Lviv when a helicopter crashed near her kindergarten. The child had not only a severe physical condition, but also a difficult psychological state, namely, she was afraid of doctors and, most importantly, touching the burns, but the psychologist and teacher of the Superheroes School managed to minimize the consequences of her injury step by step. And little Anya went from being a silent child who did not leave the ward to a smiling girl, as a 5-year-old should be.
Now that all the work has been completed and the classrooms have been equipped, the hospital’s team of teachers in Lviv plans to triple the coverage of children and the number of educational services provided.

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